5 Best Live Performances Of Linda Ronstadt

5 Best Live Performances Of Linda Ronstadt | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Linda Ronstadt performs “Heatwave” (live 1975) – WarnerMusicVideos / YouTube

Linda Ronstadt’s timeless beauty and angelic voice are the perfect combinations for her well-deserved success in the music industry. Loved by everyone for her remarkable performances, her alluring vocals, and her great personality on stage definitely make her on-stage concerts so mesmerizing.

Linda Ronstadt with Emmylou Harris and Dolly Parton – “The Sweetest Gift”

Perhaps the first performance that marked the trio’s iconic get-together was during Harris and Ronstadt’s guest appearance on Dolly! In the show’s particular segment, the trio had harmonized to the sweet song, with Ronstadt’s full voice circulating the whole harmonization.

Linda Ronstadt – “Just One Look”

What made Ronstadt’s voice so exceptional was her ability to create such powerful vocals in live audiences. During “Just One Look”, a song from her Live in Hollywood album, her calm yet controlling talent to sing has definitely given her the edge of performing.

Linda Ronstadt & Don Henley – “Blue Bayou”

Originally, this is a Roy Orbison-ballad original, yet somehow, it did not receive proper recognition. Enter Linda Ronstadt’s incredible vocals and this became her signature song that skyrocketed her popularity status. At the Atlanta Civic Center back in 1997, the gorgeous singer paired her voice with the Eagles Don Henley.

Linda Ronstadt- “You’re No Good”

At a 1976 concert, Ronstadt wore an elegant off-shoulder that contrasted the big flower accessory on her hair. Furthermore, her powerful vocals made the atmosphere of the concert even more pleasing.

Linda Ronstadt – “Heatwave”

The heat may be waving for the people at the event, but it certainly was worth it upon seeing Linda’s cheerful performance on stage. She clearly enjoyed the people’s active participation and gave her very best in this Balboa Stadium’s 1975 concert.