3 Songs That Represent ‘Let it Bleed’ By The Rolling Stones

3 Songs That Represent ‘Let it Bleed’ By The Rolling Stones | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Live With Me – The Rolling Stones /YouTube

Among the greatest albums that the Rolling Stones had generated in their career, Let It Bleed seems to be the perfect definition to mark the end of the “swinging sixties”. Created from the time where the band faced turmoil following Brian Jones’ drugged and alcoholic self during sessions, this prompted the other members to fire their leader, resulting in Jones being present for only 2 songs. Nevertheless, the band had acquired sequential blues and hard rock that was also present from its predecessor album, Beggars Banquet. Keith Richards was the spotlight of the album, owning most of the rhythm compositions all up to himself.

“You Can’t Always Get What You Want”

Starting strong in this album is the classic Rolling Stones song “You Can’t Always Get What You Want”. Its content of sound seems to be more refined and properly subdued, with its lyrics that scream poetic justice. Somehow the blend of the song perfectly settles with the London Bach Choir’s backing vocals for the most part of it.

“Live With Me”

This song is an underrated classic that sets the funk-driven tones of the approaching 70s sound from the band. Everyone, in particular, was a good match to the song, starting from its crowded bass sound from the beginning down to its funky end.

“Midnight Rambler”

This is among the 2 songs that Brian Jones became present during the recording since he was fired subsequently and died a month right after as well. Jones had acquired the congas, and Mick Jagger’s intense harmonica perfectly simulates the tune.