3 Albums To Listen To If You Like “Aoxomoxoa”

3 Albums To Listen To If You Like “Aoxomoxoa” | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Aoxomoxoa album cover - Grateful Dead / Youtube

Deadheads know for sure that this 1969 release with a tongue-twister of a name was one of its kind, and is a prime example of experimental rock at its best. Boasting to be one of the first albums to be recorded on a 16-track tape machine, this Jerry Garcia-centric record is probably the last of the greats, with impeccable and immaculate attention and effort poured into its making. That being said, here are similar albums that you might fancy if you liked Aoxomoxoa.

Music From Big Pink – The Band (1968)

In a way, The Band’s Music From a Big Pink strayed away from exclusive rock arrangements to a more diverse touch that still maintained a semblance to the genre. Gaining attention due to their time with Bob Dylan and the songs he wrote for them, The Band finally became an independent unit with this album’s authentic roots approach.

Buffalo Springfield Again – Buffalo Springfield (1967)

While many shared the frustration of Neil Young and Bruce Palmer’s inconsistent participation in the album’s making, Buffalo Springfield Again was a testament to the band constantly pushing their creative envelope by employing a lush influence of folk, jazz, and psychedelia in this gem of a record.

Electric Ladyland – The Jimi Hendrix Experience (1968)

Groundbreaking and way ahead of his time. This is definitely one of the finest psychedelic/funk rock albums ever put out, no less than the guitar deity Jimi Hendrix. Gritty and on edge, Electric Ladyland doesn’t disappoint one bit.