10 Of The Most Rockstar Dogs of All Time

10 Of The Most Rockstar Dogs of All Time | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Who let the dogs rock?

Rockstars have soft spots for their little pooches too! And of course, they get the rockstar treatment!


10. Gavin Rossdale and Winston

Gavin Rossdale is as dedicated to doggy bath time as he is on stage!


9. Paul McCartney and Martha

The dog that has inspired many classics



8. Robert Plant and Strider

Strider stridin’ on a motorbike? What’s not rockstar about that!



7.  Elton John and Arthur

Elton can feel the love from his dog

photo source: pinterest

6.  Liam Gallagher and Ruby Tuesday

He may hate his brother, but he sure does love his wiener dog


5. Eric Clapton and Jeep

Legends upon legends

photo source: rollingstone.com

4. Rick Springfield and Lethal Ron

Rick Springfield’s bull terrier mix mutt even made it the singer’s album art!


3. Barack Obama and Bo

Obama may not rock out on stage as a career, but he sure is a rockstar of his own league! And so is Bo!


2. Bret Michaels and Diesel and Phoenix

It’s no secret Bret Michaels LOVES pets. He even launched his own pet accessories line, aptly named “Pets Rock”

photo source: brettmichaels.com

1 . Steven Tyler and Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid

Steven Tyler goes crazy, crazy, crazy for his dog babies

photo source:scontent-a-sjc.xx.fbcdn.net