10 Lindsey Buckingham Songs That Makes Him A Rock Legend

10 Lindsey Buckingham Songs That Makes Him A Rock Legend | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Lindsey Buckingham live at USC - TheLeapTV / Youtube

Lindsey Buckingham’s solo work tends to be more lowkey than his previous works from the iconic group Fleetwood Mac. While it’s safe to say that his contributions to his old group generally made them one of the biggest bands of the century, his solo efforts still got the right drive and charisma that anyone could expect from this legendary guitarist. Below are Lindsey Buckingham’s greatest songs to prove why this guy is a rock legend.


“Holiday Road” – Single (1983)

This single is written entirely for the 1983 film National Lampoon’s Vacation, as well as its subsequent films. This is one of Buckingham’s most-renowned songs.

“It Was You” – Under the Skin (2006)

Lindsey’s comeback album was worth the wait with its extraordinary songs that would totally relate to anyone who desires to listen to it. “It Was You” shows a sweet and lovely tribute song to his family that he loves the most.

“Did You Miss Me” – Gift of Screws (2008)

An ultimate favorite amongst his fans, “Did You Miss Me” seems to associate with Buckingham’s questions to his former lover. The rhythm of this song is quite stunning.

“Countdown” – Out of the Cradle (1992)

After his official departure from Fleetwood Mac, Buckingham then released his album Out of The Cradle. “Countdown” seems to be one of the highlights of this gem.

“Go Insane” – Go Insane (1984)

The track that shares the same name as Lindsey’s 1984 album is among the few unforgettable ones. Buckingham stated in an interview about this song that this was about the emotions that he had dealt with post-breakup with Stevie Nicks.

“Love Runs Deeper” – Gift of Screws (2008)

Another lovely pop song that shows how pop is Buckingham’s forte. With “Love Runs Deeper,” not only that his guitar abilities are highlighted, but also his magnificent vocals.

“Bwana” – Law and Order (1981)

The opening track to Buckingham’s debut album back in 1981, “Bwana” contains an energetic momentum with killer riffs. The remarkable lyrics could prove to you why this guy is a great songwriter.

“Soul Drifter” – Out of the Cradle (1992)

Buckingham’s indeed a soul drifter and this song gives you good proof of that. The melody and rhythmic synergy of this song are everything.

“Don’t Look Down” – Out of the Cradle (1992)

It seems like Out of the Cradle does contain some of Buckingham’s classic songs like this one. “Don’t Look Down” contains few yet powerful lyrics, with a catchy chorus.

“Trouble” – Law and Order (1981)

It’s no surprise that the lead single for Buckingham’s debut album started his career as a soloist on good spirits. His guitar work, lyrics, and his precious vocals with falsetto are worth the listen.