10 Interesting Events In Classic Rock That Happened In 1971

10 Interesting Events In Classic Rock That Happened In 1971 | I Love Classic Rock Videos

John Lennon Sings Imagine Live - Kurt Max? /YouTube

 1971 was full of exhilarating moments that somehow became so iconic at the start of a new era. From the funniest to the saddest and inappropriate memories, we somehow couldn’t forget its bizarreness and wonders it brought to this world, even though it will never return back. But for all that is necessary, we present the 10 interesting classic rock events in 1971.

Led Zeppelin Performs their Iconic Song.

“Stairway to Heaven”, the legendary song from the band was performed at the Ulster Hall, Belfast, Northern Ireland. The event marked the first live performance of the song and will remain a favorite for many years to come.

The First-Ever Live Broadcast of the Grammys

At the 13th Grammy Awards, a live broadcast for the show was conducted on television. It became the first for the show, commemorating the exemplary artists. Simon and Garfunkel won multiple awards for their final album, Bridge over Troubled Water.

Summer Solstice Saga

The first Glastonbury Festival happened during a moment of the summer solstice in South West England. Some of the notable artists that performed were Davie Bowie, Fairport Convention, Quintessence, and many more.

Led Zeppelin’s Untitled Album was Launched

The official untitled album of the band was also known as the Led Zeppelin IV. It became the band’s biggest-selling album and the 4th best-selling album in the history of rock.


John Lennon releases Imagine Album

Following the breakup from the Beatles, John Lennon released his finest album Imagine. Its lyrics spurred around love, peace, and his overall life experience.

Duane Allman Died

Allman, the founder and the leader of the group the Allman Brothers band, died in a motorcycle accident. His massive injuries that he got from the incident resulted in his death.

Grand Funk Railroad’s Sold-out Concert at the Shea Stadium

The American rock band of Grand Funk Railroad became the 2nd group to top a sold-out concert, after the Beatles. The group sold 55 seats in 72 hours, even faster than the Beatles record.

The Montreux Casino Caught Fire

During a performance of Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invasion at the Montreux Casino at Montreux, Switzerland, a person launched a flare gun, causing a big fire that resulted in $50,000 in damages. The members of Deep Purple, who at that time were in their hotel rooms, saw the fire’s reflection to a lake, and inspired them to write “Smoke on the Water”.


Elton John’s first International Hit

The legendary Elton John had his first hit with his single, “Your Song”. It became one of John’s songs that catapulted him to fame.

Paul McCartney Announced his New Group Called “Wings”

After a series of media attention following the controversial break-up from his former group The Beatles, McCartney then announced the group that he created. His wife, Linda McCartney, became a part of the band.