10 Greatest Keith Moon Performances

10 Greatest Keith Moon Performances | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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Absolutely no one could do it the way Keith Moon did it. He was the epitome of an intense man, both from his life and his drumming skills. His excessive drinking and drug-taking took a toll on his life, yet the legacy he had left for this world is enough to prove to everyone his sheer knack of bringing the beat of the drums up-front. Take a look at these ten greatest Keith Moon performances and you’ll know why everybody calls him “Moon the Loon.”

“I Can’t Explain”

This performance of “I Can’t Explain” shows how zesty beat of Moon’s drums. They performed this during their 1975 Texas concert.

“Dreaming From The Waist”

Moon was great inside the Who’s studio sessions, but he shone the brightest when he’s performing live. This live recording from their Swansea concert is enough to prove it.

“The Rock”

Not as much recognizable as all the other songs from the Who’s Quadrophenia album, “The Rock” displays how intense the drummer’s beat is. The song leads to “Love, Reign O’er Me.”

“Bell Boy”

This signature Moon tune deserves to be a part of this list. Not only is this a key component from the Quadrophenia album, but it also shares a moment with Moon’s great drum-playing.

“Pinball Wizard”

A classic one from the band, the song was highlighted when they performed it at the 1970 Isle of Wright Festival. Moon’s drumming was superb here.

“I Can See For Miles”

This song delivers the thunderous drums from Keith Moon, practically his best effort. Not for once did people ever hesitated on Moon’s capabilities.

“Young Man Blues”

Live At Leeds competes with the other live albums from any other artists, yet the former’s edge is, of course, their drummer. “Young Man Blues” is a definitive track from the live LP.

“Baba O’Riley”

This magnificent track is also a keeper from the Who’s legacy. Among others, is Moon’s magnetic playing of the drums.

“My Generation”

Although John Entwistle is the one who completely blew everybody off with his first bass solo, Keith Moon never was the shy one to produce his own beats. Listen and be amazed by him here.

“Won’t Get Fooled Again”

Moon’s last performance at the Shepperton Studios was the best one for him as well. “Won’t Get Fooled Again” has the drumbeat fit for a lifetime of appreciation.