10 Greatest Hawkwind Songs

10 Greatest Hawkwind Songs | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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Among the earliest space rock groups formed in the year 1969, Hawkwind delivered music to their heart’s content; the reason why the band is still actively performing to these days. While they are not exactly a “hit-making” band, they, however, have prominent artists like Lemmy, Ginger Baker, and Robert Calvert, who became a part of Hawkwind before they left for another one. They are also one of the proto-punk bands, whose playing foreshadowed the punk movement for years to come. This time, we’ll take a look at the 10 greatest Hawkwind songs that defined them.

“Waiting For Tomorrow” – Choose Your Masques (1982)

The 13th album Choose Your Masques made use of stronger drum loops and heavy drum machines. This hypnotic melody was written by Hawkwind’s Huw Lloyd-Langton.

“Hurry On Sundown” – Hawkwind (1970)

This was Hawkwind’s first record released and it also belongs to the band’s debut album of the same name. The song came from inspiration to Leroy Carr and Scraper Blackwell’s “Hurry On Sunshine (See What Tomorrow Brings)” song.

“Magnu” – Warrior On The Edge of Time (1975)

Warrior On The Edge of Time became one of Hawkwind’s hit albums. An indirect reference to the frequency of light from the sun, this Dave Brock-penned song is among a favorite staple throughout the band’s concerts.

“Assault on Battery – Warrior On The Edge Of Time (1975)

Like “Magnu,” “Assault on Battery” is also a dark-themed, hard-driving classic. The starting is sublime, but altogether forms a concept that created the drive of this album.

“Sword of the East” – The Xenon Codex (1988)

The Xenon Codex seemed to be an underrated album, so to speak. The mighty rocking “Sword of the East” is among the highlights of this album.

“Brainstorm” – Doremi Fasol Latido (1972)

This 11-minute rock gem resides as an introductory track for Hawkwind’s 3rd studio album, Doremi Fasol Latido. This was Nik Turner’s first composition for the group.

“Born To Go” – Space Ritual (1973)

Still digging the space concepts, Space Ritual makes a great live album for the band. “Born To Go” is vastly underrated, with great grips of guitar and drums.

“Fall Of Earth City” – Church Of Hawkwind (1982)

Becoming more experimental than usual, Hawkwind delivered “Fall of Earth City” in a more distinct manner, with the heavy use of electronics rather than hard rock. Dave Brock assumed most of the work.

“Silver Machine” – In Search Of Space (1972)

The first and only hit from Hawkwind, “Silver Machine” was written by Bob Calvert and Dave Brock which is inspired by Alfred Jarry’s short story named How To Construct A Time Machine.” Lemmy is the lead singer for this one.