10 Greatest Cover Versions Of ‘Black Dog’ By Led Zeppelin

10 Greatest Cover Versions Of ‘Black Dog’ By Led Zeppelin | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Led Zeppelin live in 1973 - Led Zeppelin / Youtube

To put matters simply: Led Zeppelin shaped the world of rock and roll. They epitomized the quintessential quartet whose talents helped build the bar for live performances and served as an inspiration to thousands of musicians all over the world. And, you can’t go wrong with a classic Zep song cover, because once you’ll get the hang of it, you’ll know there’s no turning back.

Below, we’ll take you on a tour to some of the greatest cover versions of LZ’s classic, “Black Dog.” Enjoy!


Ito Kurdhi ft. Marina Sidik

This gorgeous jazz version of “Black Dog” is here to sweep you off on your feet. Who says that rock couldn’t get any classier than this?

Keith Emerson

Keith Emerson from Emerson, Lake & Palmer created the most epic tribute for the most epic rock band in the world. His album, The Led Box: The Ultimate Tribute To Led Zeppelin spoke of his general admiration for Led Zeppelin.

Deborah Harry

Blondie’s leading lady vocalist also knows how to rock on this freaky song. Her voice is well-suited for a smoking version of this gem.

Hampton String Quartet

If you want to see the brilliance of John Paul Jones’ mind when he composed “Black Dog,” have a string quartet to test its complexity. We’re pretty sure it’s mind-blowing.


Heart is a descendant of Led Zeppelin, so there’s no question about it that this is among their favorite song to perform live. Ann Wilson could pass on to be one of the greatest singers from any of LZ records, and we love her for that.

Gov’t Mule and Ann Wilson

The combination of Ann Wilson from Heart and Warren Haynes’ Gov’t Mule is a dream of all sorts, as they performed a classic version of this song. It’s all you’d ever want to listen to.

Lou Gramm

“Black Dog” is simply hard to recreate, vocal-wise and instrumental-wise. But Lou Gramm doesn’t get affected by this though, especially with how great he is at handling the vocal belts. Well, at least we know that Robert Plant’s not the only person who could sing it that way.


German metal group Masterplan also took a shot at performing this intense song for their debut LP, because a good way to catch a drift is to perform something convincing to the others. What a master plan indeed!

Tony Levin

Tony Levin from King Crimson also managed to perform a lovely rendition to this one. His bass and vocal? All on-point. JPJ would be proud.

Dread Zeppelin

You’ll either love this Led Zeppelin cover band or hate it. Fortunately, we do love them, and they deserve just as much recognition on their rendition to “Black Dog.”