10+ Animals That Totally Look Like Rock Stars

10+ Animals That Totally Look Like Rock Stars | I Love Classic Rock Videos


Even some of the biggest rockstars have adorable animal Doppelgängers! You might find yourself confused which one is which!

1. This sphinx cat got them looks like Jagger’s


(L) Dave Hogan / Getty (R) Giorgio Cosulich / Getty

2. The newborn calf that looks suspiciously like Gene Simmons

(L) Hill Country Visitor / Facebook, (R) Tim Mosenfelder / Getty Images


3. Can we talk about the lurcher that looks like David Bowie for a second?



4. Adorable sheep serving serious Stevie Nicks vibes

(L) Pintrest (R) blog.loveknitting.com

5. The mustached little guy that looks like David Crosby

(L) davidcrosby.com / (R) pinterest.com


6. Have you met Jon Bon Pony? 

(L) yesilovebonjovi / Tumblr, (R) itsfunny.org/hes-rocked-them-all/

7. This lion looks more like Dave Mustaine than Simba 

(L) Dave Etheridge-Barnes / Getty (R) Tim Graham / Getty


8. This little pupper doing his best Neil Young

(L) discogs.com / (R) moderndogmagazine.com


9. This cat’s fashion is as legendary is John Lennon

(L) http://atruegentlemen.blogspot.com/2010/08/essential-style-preview-john-lennon-ray.html, (R) http://www.zastavki.com/eng/Animals/Cats/wallpaper-32992.htm

 10. An emu that looks a little too much like Rod Stewart

(L) Max Mumby/Indigo / Getty (R) Tim Graham / Getty


11.  Noel Gallagher has found a new brother 



12. This horse is killin’ it with its 90s-era Anthony Kiedis hair

(L) Kourtlyn Smith / Pinterest, (R) @JamesAWilson.WIWSPhotography / Facebook


 13. The llama formerly known as Prince

(L) Prince / YouTube, (R) @ravisomaiya / Twitter

14. Which one’s the monkey again? 

(L) Gazette Review / Pinterest (R) Highwaychili / YouTube


15. Alice Cooper has been reincarnated into this dog