10 Awesome Rock ‘n Roll Songs That Have Bad Music Videos


3. Rush – “Roll the Bones”

It’s called “Roll the Bones” so obviously there will be some skeletons here and there. But man, we weren’t prepared for that CGI skeleton rapping – yes, you read that right, RAPPING. Apparently, he’s so cool, he puts on some old school sunglasses and even has a Mohawk.

It’s not Rush’s finest musical moment but we can think of worse rock songs than this. Still, that music video had us cringing so hard.

“The song ‘Roll the Bones’ is full of any number of little decisions that I had to make about what I thought, and how best to express them and how to introduce the idea that yes we do have free will and yes we do have choices, and yes our choices do affect the way our fates turn out.” – Neil Peart

It’s a musical experiment which isn’t their best decision but it is what it is. The MV, on the other hand, we’d be grateful if someone totally erased that from our memory.


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