Wolfgang Van Halen and Michael Anthony Reunite After 20 Years

Wolfgang Van Halen and Michael Anthony Reunite After 20 Years | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via Johnny Beane / Youtube

In a heartwarming reunion, Wolfgang Van Halen and Michael Anthony shared a special moment for the first time in two decades.

The reunion took place over the weekend when Michael Anthony attended a Mammoth WVH show in Las Vegas, marking a significant and emotional encounter for the former Van Halen bandmates.

Wolfgang captured the heartfelt moment in a Facebook post, featuring photos of the two embracing backstage:

He warmly captioned the post:

“Ran into an old friend at the @mammothwvh show in Vegas tonight. (Love ya, Mikey)”

The sentiment was reciprocated by Anthony, who also took to social media to express his joy and admiration for Wolfgang’s performance:

He shared on Instagram:

“Went to see Mammoth WVH last night here in Vegas, and they threw it down! Love ya Wolf, so great to see ya! (Proud of you brother!!)”

When a curious fan inquired about the last time Anthony and Wolfgang had crossed paths

Anthony revealed that it had been the “first time in 20 years,” underlining the significance of this heartfelt reunion.

Notably, Wolfgang took over as Van Halen’s bassist in 2006, succeeding Anthony, who went on to collaborate with Sammy Hagar. Despite historical tensions within the Van Halen camp, this reunion showcased the enduring camaraderie between Wolfgang and Anthony.

As Mammoth WVH gears up for a North American tour early next year, the positive vibes from this reunion are sure to resonate with fans. For a full list of tour dates, enthusiasts can visit the official Mammoth WVH website. The genuine affection displayed by Wolfgang and Anthony reinforces that, despite the passage of time and changing roles, the bond forged during their Van Halen days remains unbroken.