Will The Real Janis Joplin Please Stand Up? No One Saw This Coming

Will The Real Janis Joplin Please Stand Up? No One Saw This Coming | I Love Classic Rock Videos

YouTube / Stu Segal

She Is Something Else!

Janis Joplin, being the Queen of Psychedelic Soul, has wowed us with her powerful, soulful vocals. She sings like no other. And sure, there have been several other artists who performed their own rendition of some of her classic hits but there’s nothing quite like this 14-year old girl Courtney Hadwin who blew everyone away including the four judges of America’s Got Talent.

Courtney did such a fine job at channeling Janis Joplin that we probably wouldn’t have known it wasn’t the rock goddess if we ONLY listened.

“I’m just a normal teenage kid… I think I just feel the music and it just comes out.” – Courtney Hadwin

And of course, the crowd went wild. Watching this video alone gave us goosebumps, what more if we actually saw and heard this live? She entered the stage looking awkward and unsure so we didn’t expect her voice to sound so incredibly raw and powerful.


When asked if she thinks she was born in the wrong era, Courtney responds:

“Yes. Maybe I was born in the right time though, cos I could have been born to bring it back.”

We’d have to agree with her. She breathed new life into a classic hit – one of the best ways of keeping rock ‘n roll alive. And what’s more amazing is that when she starts performing, it’s as if she transforms into another person. She totally lets the music take over.

“Being here at the live shows has just been a great experience. To perform on the stage, to have that chance to be able to do that, it’s just amazing.” – Courtney Hadwin

A talent like hers is rare. And it’s not just because she can easily nail Janis Joplin’s songs but she manages to do so while looking almost effortless. Absolutely spectacular!