Why There’s Not Gonna Be A Ringo Starr Memoir Ever

Why There’s Not Gonna Be A Ringo Starr Memoir Ever | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via The Howard Stern Show / Youtube

In a recent interview, Ringo Starr, former drummer of the Beatles, explained why he repeatedly turned down offers to write a memoir. Despite being asked numerous times, Starr found the idea of a memoir boring because he would be expected to focus primarily on his time with the Beatles, starting in 1962. Expressing his frustration, Starr stated, “That’s all they want to know… I’m not doing a book because it’d be three volumes before I get to that year… I don’t want to do Ringo the drummer, because we’re all a bit more than that.”

While declining to write a memoir, Starr did reflect on some early adventures with the Beatles. He reminisced about the time when they opened for English singer Helen Shapiro and interacted with a band member who was 40 years old. Starr expressed his surprise, questioning why someone would continue performing at that age. These moments provided insights into the youthful exuberance and curiosity that characterized the Beatles’ early years.

Another memorable event Starr recalled was the Beatles’ final rooftop concert at their Apple Corps headquarters in London in 1969. Reflecting on their performance of “Get Back,” he shared his love for the song and revealed that he had never played the entire song in the studio. Starr marveled at the evolution of their music, noting the different patterns and styles that emerged during live performances.

Despite his disinterest in writing a memoir, Starr expressed enthusiasm for celebrating his musical achievements with his All-Starr Band. Currently touring North America with plans for future shows, Starr acknowledged his fortune in being able to recruit talented musicians for the group. Recognizing the limitations of performing solely as a drummer, he emphasized the need for collaboration and diversity in musical performances.