Why Steven Tyler Was Accused Of Lip Syncing

Why Steven Tyler Was Accused Of Lip Syncing | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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Having weathered five decades of tumultuous years, Aerosmith remains one of the few enduring great American rock bands.

Despite the norms within the rock music scene suggesting their departure, the band has survived legendary drug issues and intense disputes that have led to the downfall of some of their contemporaries.

One such conflict arose between Aerosmith members and The Black Crowes founder Chris Robinson following the latter’s performance as the opening act during the Pump tour in 1989. Tensions escalated when Robinson when Joey Kramer allegedly played a role in getting his band dismissed from the tour.

“I guess the drummer for Aerosmith watched the opening of our set and immediately went back and contacted their management and had us fired,” Robinson recounted in a Rolling Stone interview.

“You bore me when you sing to a backup tape”

Robinson shared that Kramer had The Black Crowes fired after a particular part of their performance. “We get to the first gig, and we opened the show with a new song we had just written. I was crawling around on the stage with a big knife, stabbing it into the stage,” the singer recalled.

After these comments, Robinson shared criticisms directed at Aerosmith’s live performances and Steven Tyler’s singing. The Black Crowes frontman stated:

“Who said that all these bands that headline arenas are allowed to go out and sing to backup tapes? Aerosmith did it – I love Aerosmith to death. But you bore me when you sing to a backup tape… If you’re an entertainer and you take it seriously, you entertain with your natural abilities. You go onstage and take a chance like everyone else.”

These words, of course, did not sit well with Aeromisth and the public.

Chris Robinson reconciled with Joe Perry first

Robinson faced public backlash for his comments. Several months later, his brother and fellow band member, Rich Robinson, came to his defense in another conversation with Rolling Stone. 

Rich explained that the remarks were intended to express the singer’s frustration with the music industry and had been misinterpreted.

Nevertheless, the tension between The Black Crowes and Aerosmith persisted until Chris reconciled with the band members through guitarist Joe Perry. Recalling an encounter with the Perry at the Ritz-Carlton in Boston, the vocalist shared:

“He knew the title of the latest Black Crowes record – and I’m a massive Aerosmith fan. I especially love “Night In The Ruts” and “Draw the Line” – all of the damaged, burned-out records – the most. I think there’s some really cool, unique rock music on those records.”

Reconnection and collaboration

Following The Black Crowes’ dissolution in 2015, Christ directed his attention to his side project, the Chris Robinson Brotherhood.

During that period, he shared the stage with Perry at the Roxy Theatre in Los Angeles and contributed to the guitarist’s Sweetzerland Manifesto album.

Several years later, The Black Crowes reunited with a revamped lineup featuring Chris and Rich, and Sven Pipien.

By 2022, the band released its most recent EP, 1972, and secured the opening slot for Aerosmith’s farewell tour, Peace Out. However, the tour is currently on hold due to Steven Tyler’s vocal injury, with plans for resumption in 2024.