Why Richie Sambora Wants Jon Bon Jovi To Stop Singing

Why Richie Sambora Wants Jon Bon Jovi To Stop Singing | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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Bon Jovi fans have been eagerly awaiting news of the band’s return to the stage, especially after frontman Jon Bon Jovi underwent surgery to address vocal issues. However, it seems a former key member of the band might be advocating for a different approach.

In a recent interview with Premier Guitar, guitarist Richie Sambora weighed in on Jon’s recovery, emphasizing the importance of giving his voice a well-deserved rest.

Sambora isn’t new to the demands of a grueling touring schedule. With Bon Jovi, he experienced years of nonstop recording and performing. Now, he seems to believe Jon is finally acknowledging the need for a break. Sambora’s comments hint at a potential reason behind Bon Jovi’s touring hiatus, and raise questions about the future of the band’s live performances.

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Bon Jovi’s Vocal Struggles and Richie Sambora’s Advice

It has been well-documented that Jon Bon Jovi has faced vocal difficulties in recent years. According to rumors, the culprit might be vocal fold atrophy or shrinking vocal cords, a common ailment among rock frontmen like him. 

In the interview, Sambora offered some unique advice for his former bandmate. Sambora claims his singing teacher suggested a rather unorthodox approach: complete vocal rest, potentially lasting for six months, along with alternative therapies like Reiki and herbal remedies.

“Believe it or not, it grows back. But you have to just stop singing, and you have to stop talking sometimes for six months,” the guitarist said. Sambora expressed his reservations about Jon’s chosen course of treatment, which reportedly involved surgery. It seems Sambora believes a more holistic approach might have been more beneficial.

Steven Tyler’s Injury As A Cautionary Tale

Sambora has even referenced Steven Tyler, the flamboyant frontman of Aerosmith, who suffered a serious vocal injury in 2023. According to reports, Tyler further damaged his vocal cords during a concert in 2024.

Sambora described a personal encounter with Tyler at a fundraiser event in Lahaina, Hawaii. He highlighted their long-standing friendship and collaborations before sharing a concerning story.

“He busted a move with his throat where he was just like [imitates the sound]. It was like all night, and then, blood was coming out of his mouth. So, he had to stop,” Sambora shared.

The former Bon Jovi guitarist used this experience to play up the importance of prioritizing vocal health. He mentioned that despite wanting to perform, Tyler seems to be taking better care of himself by avoiding surgery. Sambora seemed to endorse this approach, suggesting that with proper care, vocal cords can heal naturally.

Richie Will Come Back Once Jon Bon Jovi Recovers

While Jon Bon Jovi has undergone surgery to address his vocal issues, it seems the road to recovery is still ongoing. In a recent interview, the frontman mentioned being 19 months post-surgery and actively working on the band’s new album titled Forever. However, touring plans remain on hold.

This decision comes after criticism from fans regarding the quality of Jon’s recent performances.  Richie Sambora echoed these concerns, stating that in early May, Jon’s vocals were “unfortunately clearly not” at their best.

Despite these challenges, there’s a glimmer of hope for fans. Sambora expressed his openness to a reunion with Jon Bon Jovi once he’s fully recovered. This suggests a potential return to touring in the future,  but only after Jon’s voice has had sufficient time to heal.