Why Pink Floyd Hated Their Album ‘Ummagumma’

Why Pink Floyd Hated Their Album ‘Ummagumma’ | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Grandchester Meadows - Pink Floyd /YouTube

Pink Floyd’s double album Ummagumma comprised of many things that the band has developed in both live and studio sessions. While the album was mostly adored by fans and is always being reissued, it did not, however, caught the interests of the members. It got to the point where all of them would express their remorse and negative reviews during public interviews.

Upon its release, like any other Pink Floyd album, it generated more than positive reviews. A lot of critics praised Floyd’s outstanding records, as the others include it on their list of “greatest albums ever”. It also had a remarkable album cover that showed the Droste effect, in which the picture hanging on the wall shows the exact scene, except that the band members have switched positions. Their antiques became a hit, and the album had generated the buzz that contributed to the group’s success.

On the contrary, three of the members, with the exception of Richard Wright, recalled the album and their struggle to put on a happy face whenever someone discussed the topic with them. Roger Waters, who became the bandleader after Syd Barett’s departure, thought that the album “was a disaster”. It did not help when David Gilmour also stated how horrible the experience was on creating their desired plans for it.

Nick Mason was appreciative at first of the outcome. He was reported saying how it was a good and interesting exercise for the band to organize during the sessions. But would, later on, express his negative sentiments about it. He considered the album as a “failed experiment”.

Whichever the reasons for the Pink Floyd to hate this specific work so much, it all goes down for a handful of reasons. But love it or hate it, the album deserved the praise and approvals it received, just like any other Pink Floyd albums.