Why Paul McCartney Need To Hide When Writing Songs

Why Paul McCartney Need To Hide When Writing Songs | I Love Classic Rock Videos

PauL McCartney in interview with Al Roker - TODAY / Youtube

Paul McCartney, who is now 80 years old, continues to add new songs to his illustrious discography with each passing year. The former member of the Beatles is still self-conscious about other people hearing him while he is writing music, and he likes to be “hidden away” even if he is responsible for many of the most memorable rock songs.

The majority of McCartney’s career has been spent without a band, yet we cannot deny that he found his greatest success when he formed The Beatles with John Lennon, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr. McCartney told Phoebe Bridgers on her Instagram Live that he liked working with his former songwriting partner Lennon because they were both honest with each other and would improve the other person’s song.

“Nowadays, now that he’s passed away, I will check my songs with him,” Sir Macca explained. “So, you know, we were very good at telling each other. ‘That didn’t work.’ ‘This doesn’t work.’ ‘So, let’s change it.’ And that was a nice thing. It’s always great when you change it because often you get something better.”

Yet, despite being one of the greatest musicians and the richest of all time, McCartney still has some insecurities when writing some new songs. There’s always the chance that someone, perhaps in his own family, may think it sounds dreadful. So, to avoid being overheard, he usually goes somewhere quiet and shuts the door behind him.

“I was just saying to my Nancy [his wife], the other day… I had to work on something, I needed a melody and some words,” He continued. “And I said, you know, normally I’ll find the furthest away closet, in the house, where no one’s going to hear me, or an outbuilding, or the furthest most remote bedroom. Just so I don’t feel anyone’s listening to me, because if I feel someone’s listening, I’m always very inhibited. I’m thinking, ‘God, they’re gonna think I’m terrible.’ Because when you’re writing, you’re goofing around. And it doesn’t always just work till you find the line. So, I like to be hidden away.”