Why Glenn Hughes Decided To Never Sing Deep Purple Songs Anymore

Why Glenn Hughes Decided To Never Sing Deep Purple Songs Anymore | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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The rock voice that propelled Deep Purple through its MKIII and MKIV periods, Glenn Hughes, made a forthright admission in an interview with Metal & Rock Zone about his choice to stop playing Deep Purple’s songs. This choice is a major turning point in Hughes’ multi-decade career, which has left a rich legacy ingrained in the annals of rock history. Hughes has committed himself to establishing his distinct career path in the music industry since leaving Deep Purple in 1976. He has gone on solo tours and prioritized his music.

A Farewell to Deep Purple Repertoire

The announcement came amidst his solo tour, “Glenn Hughes Performs Classic Deep Purple Live – Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Album Burn,” where Hughes has been electrifying fans by bringing to life the iconic tracks from Deep Purple’s ‘Burn’ album, along with other treasures from the MKIII and MKIV eras. However, moving forward, Hughes has decided to put a definitive end to these performances.

Hughes shared his thoughts during the interview, stating, “The Deep Purple songs this setlist will finish in November, at the end of November, and then this will never happen again. there’s only so many shows I can do with this show I love my time in Deep Purple but there’s so much more to me than Deep Purple.” This statement is not just a reflection on his decision but an insight into Hughes’ desire to explore and present the other dimensions of his musical prowess to the world, beyond the shadow of Deep Purple’s legacy.


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Hughes’ Performance Philosophy and Self-Care

The conversation also delved into Hughes’ remarkable ability to maintain the quality of his performances, particularly his skill in nailing the high notes that are a signature part of Deep Purple’s music. When asked about how he manages to maintain such a high standard in his live gigs, Hughes attributed his success to a combination of rigorous self-care and a psychological readiness to face the challenges of performing.

He elaborated, “Yeah, I’m very grateful. I sleep a lot. I drink a lot of water. I exercise my vocals. I do a lot of warm-ups. And the biggest thing for me is no fear. You may see some singers or musicians that are riddled with fear, and it stops them from being in the moment. For me, offstage maybe I’m full of fear, but onstage I’m not. I don’t think about it.” This mindset not only demonstrates Hughes’ professional dedication but also his philosophical approach to life and performance, transcending fear to deliver unforgettable musical experiences.

Hughes’ Post-Deep Purple Chapter

Hughes’ decision to step away from performing Deep Purple’s songs could be seen as the end of an era. Yet, it’s also a bold step toward highlighting his other creative endeavors, offering him the chance to showcase the breadth of his artistry. As the curtain falls on this particular chapter of his musical journey, Hughes is poised to embark on a new phase, promising his fans an insight into his versatility as a musician, singer, and songwriter.

Hughes’s path from playing a key role in Deep Purple to embarking on a solo career that aims to surpass his previous accomplishments is evidence of his unwavering love for music and his ongoing development as a musician. This change in set lists belies a deeper, more significant shift in Hughes’ perception of his musical legacy and his outlook on his future in the rock and beyond.