Why Dave Grohl Wished He Wrote “Imagine”

Why Dave Grohl Wished He Wrote “Imagine” | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Dave Grohl in an interview with Lars Ulrich - Beats 1 / Youtube

There’s no denying on John Lennon’s enormous contribution to the music industry. Those who were inspired by the late Lennon are expected to know peace and to fight for the greater good – a clear message evident in perhaps his most famous song, “Imagine.”

Dave Grohl, one of the most influential figures in modern music, is a huge fan of the Fab Four. Grohl, who gained notoriety as a part of the groundbreaking group Nirvana in the ‘90s, considers himself a student of mainstream popular music. He was such a die-hard devotee that he even loved the songs his heroes made after the Beatles. Grohl talked about his adoration for the Fab Four in a 2019 interview with BBC.

In the interview, Grohl elaborated on his love for the band’s 1969 gem, Abbey Road. But in terms of naming the solo material of the members, he preferred Lennon, who also happen to be his “favorite Beatle.”

Moreover, he elaborated on his love for the late Lennon in a 2021 interview with Red Bulletin, and even wished he’d written the massive hit, “Imagine.” “I really wish that I had written ‘Imagine’”, Grohl discussed. “Because it’s such a beautiful song with a really timeless quality – the song just never sounds old. When I was young and I first started playing guitar – around the age of ten or eleven years old – I would sit and strum along to [Lennon’s] records all day long. That’s how I learned to play guitar – John was my teacher.”