Why Angus Young Was Attacked Onstage By A Fan

Why Angus Young Was Attacked Onstage By A Fan | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Angus Young live in 2016 - AC/DC / Youtube

Angus Young, the guitarist for AC/DC, has established a niche for himself in rock music’s canon. The guitarist, who prefers to use schoolboy outfits during concerts, combines the joyful blues of Chuck Berry and Muddy Waters with the raw emotion of his musical hero, Jimi Hendrix. While they may be well-known sources of inspiration, Young has a sound of his own as well.

Those who have challenged Angus Young’s determination have learned that, despite his reputation as the supplier of a hard-rocking good time, he is not to be trifled with. His acts during a concert in Arizona in the year 2000 prove that there is more than just his outside personality. Take this as a lesson: you shouldn’t try to take him advantage of.

Twice during AC/DC’s show that night in Arizona, an audience member seemed to try their luck, prompting Angus Young to react angrily. When a “fan” tossed a glass of beer at Young, he had seen enough and signaled for security. After the second drink soaked him, he hastily put down his instrument and went to the spot where the culprit was waiting. Despite being provoked by the “fan,” Young maintained his professionalism and refrained from punching him. Instead, he gave the fan a hard squeeze on the nose to teach him a lesson.

Watch the video below.