Why Ace Frehley Wants Paul Stanley To Look Like An ‘Imbecile’

Why Ace Frehley Wants Paul Stanley To Look Like An ‘Imbecile’ | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Ace Frehley for Noisey - Noisey / Youtube

This year has seen a significant amount of tension and animosity between KISS and Ace Frehley. The conflict initially began when Paul Stanley made remarks on The Howard Stern Show earlier in the spring, explaining why he was unwilling to reunite with the original KISS lineup for their Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction.

The Starchild had some pretty harsh words for his former bandmates and even suggested that the band called ‘PISS’.

In response to this, KISS former lead guitarist Ace Frehley demanded a formal apology, threatening to reveal some “dirt” if he didn’t receive one. And, more recently, during an interview with 93.5 FM MAX, Frehley even took a verbal swipe at Stanley.

“Well, when this album comes about, it’s gonna make [Stanley] look like an imbecile,” Frehley said, referring to his upcoming album expected to be released early in 2024.

“[They] have pretty much tried to destroy my credibility”

Frehley was bitter and clearly had an axe to grind as he shared that his former bandmates had a hand in complicating his solo career.

The Spaceman remembered how hard it was at the start, “I remember the guy that got me signed to the label, he told me that, before Anomaly came out, he said a lot of people said to him, ‘You’re not even gonna get the record’.”

This skepticism arose because, according to Frehley, his fellow KISS members Stanley and bassist Gene Simmons had consistently attempted to tarnish his reputation by labeling him a “drunk and a drug addict and somebody who’s not dependable”. 

“But if that were the case, how did I make five albums? And I’ve been touring steadily for the last ten years plus. It doesn’t make any sense. They contradict themselves all the time,” the guitarist explained.

Frehley mocked his former band for relying on pre-recorded tapes

This is not something new for Frehley, who has a history of making jabs at his former bandmates. During one of his concerts in July, the guitarist mocked KISS for relying on pre-recorded tracks, stating:

“I think Scotty [Coogan] sings better than the tapes KISS uses,” Frehley criticized.

The former KISS member referred to Scott Coogan, an experienced session drummer who had performed alongside artists like Frehley himself, Lynch Mob, Lita Ford, Stephen Pearcy, and L.A. GUNS. Coogan returned to the stage with the Frehley for the first time in half a decade. 

As previously disclosed by Stanley, the ongoing KISS tour aims to celebrate the band’s entire 50-year history, not solely the original lineup. Therefore, by extending an invitation to Frehley and Peter Criss to join the tour, the singer is not looking to cede control or jeopardize the tour’s success.