What Charlie Watts Really Thinks About David Bowie

What Charlie Watts Really Thinks About David Bowie | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via 60 Minutes / Youtube

Becoming one of the finest drummers in rock history, Charlie Watts indeed was a treasured gem amongst the stones. His calm demeanor was significantly contrasted in comparison to his Rolling Stones bandmates Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, and Ronnie Wood’s reckless personalities.

But while he loved to live the life far from the stereotype of a rockstar, he, just like every one of us, had a wayward side. He battled with drugs and alcohol at some point in his life, and he once punched Jagger’s face when the drunk frontman called him late at night, asking for “his drummer.” There’s that side that Watts never hesitated to show.

So, when it comes to talking about another singer’s work, he wasn’t too keen on keeping it a secret as well. Inside his interview with The Guardian back in 2018, Watts, when asked where would be the late David Bowie’s place inside the legacy of rock music, said: “I thought people would have been very sad obviously, and he was a lovely guy and he wrote a couple of good songs,” the drummer said. But for me, he wasn’t this musical genius.”

Although Watts had his own opinion, his own bandmate Keith Richards also shared a certain condescension from Bowie. He told Uncut Magazine that “Changes” was the only song that’s worthy to be praised, and that his catalog is nothing but all pose for the show.