We Found An Incredible Concert Video From J. Geils Band In 1972

We Found An Incredible Concert Video From J. Geils Band In 1972 | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via bobvidpix / YouTube

The J. Geils band has given all their best to catapult their name to fame and success in the music business. John Geils, Stephen Bladd, Magic Dick, Danny Klein, Seth Justman, and Peter Wolf would go on and make music fit for their standards. And while they’re best known for their hits in the 80s, the band has undergone a lot of little gigs before they became what they are right now.

There is an unearthed footage circulating on YouTube about their 1972 concert performance at the Holy Cross College in Worcester when the band was still in their formative years. Their love for blues is quite obvious throughout the entire show of 52 minutes, going 53.

Geils was never the flashiest guitarist there is, but his drive to perform anything is transforming and amazing to observe. Peter Wolf is there to always steal the focus, with his presence on-stage that one could easily label as an “ultimate frontman.” Everyone just adds a unique entity in their respective parts, but somehow, it always makes sense if they ever perform.

The video presented may be blurry, but it is among the group’s best performances ever. Take a peek of the show below.