Watch The Rare Interview of Ringo Starr’s Mother and Father

Watch The Rare Interview of Ringo Starr’s Mother and Father | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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In a rare and insightful interview from February 16, 1964, we get a glimpse into the lives of Richard Starkey and Elsie Gleave, the parents of the legendary Ringo Starr. The setting is a traditional working-class area of Liverpool, with rows of terrace houses lining the streets.

The interview takes us into the cozy living room of Richard and Elsie, who are seated on a sofa adorned with a Beatles cushion shaped like a heart.

The conversation revolves around Ringo’s remarkable success, providing a unique perspective from the people who knew him before he became a global sensation.

As the interview unfolds, Richard Starkey, Ringo’s father, shares his thoughts on work and retirement, expressing that he has no intention of stopping work. This insight into his perspective adds a personal touch to the narrative, showing a dedication to his craft and perhaps a glimpse into the values that influenced Ringo’s own work ethic.

via iconic / YouTube


Elsie Gleave, Ringo’s mother, contributes her thoughts on the idea of moving to another house.

She candidly expresses her happiness with their current home and neighbors, emphasizing a sense of contentment in their community. This provides a touching insight into the simple joys that matter to the parents of a global music icon.

The interview not only offers a rare look into the lives of Ringo Starr’s parents but also provides a snapshot of the cultural and familial context in which Ringo grew up. It’s a piece of history that allows fans and enthusiasts to connect with the roots of one of the Beatles’ most beloved members, adding depth to the understanding of his journey from Liverpool to international stardom.

Watch the rare interview footage below: