Watch The Doors Record ‘Wild Child’ In Rare Recording Footage

Watch The Doors Record ‘Wild Child’ In Rare Recording Footage | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via Morrison Fan Club / Youtube

The Doors started strong like a beast in the wild. Such impact of theirs will never be forgotten, especially the vigor of their frontman Jim Morrison that almost anyone who knew him will be drawn to almost instantly.

Morrison is a poet and a musician, that’s what everyone says about him. Famous journalist Fred Powledge once labeled his style of writing as obscure, but obscurity in a way that “instead of making you hurry off to play a Pete Seeger record that you can understand, challenges you to try to interpret.” For him, Morrison’s a one-of-a-kind person whose lyrics don’t get too explicit on its explanations.

Such a cunning observation can be widely noticed on The Doors’ 1969 seminal track “Wild Child,” wherein Morrison was at his peak craftsmanship of generating songs. This track from the band’s The Soft Parade album plays along with the frontman’s panache of being a poet and a musician. Together with him and his bandmates Robby Krieger, Ray Manzarek, and John Densmore, they’ve conquered the song in the right way: proper arrangement, tantalizing lyrics, and collaboration between the 4 that truly captured the essence of how fantastic the band is all along.

Want to know more about the song? You can watch this extremely rare footage of The Doors performing “Wild Child” in a studio setting and it’ll speak for itself.