Watch The Doobie Brothers’ Exclusive Off-Air Show

Watch The Doobie Brothers’ Exclusive Off-Air Show | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via Jimmy Kimmel Live / Youtube

To celebrate their tour and their latest album Liberté, The Doobie Brothers gifted the Jimmy Kimmel Live TV program an off-air performance of their classic songs with 2 new tracks included.

It was a performance worth remembering indeed as the Doobie Brothers became busy promoting their new material on TV. Marking their 50th anniversary, the group are on a roll right now, touring left and right and making music that will hype the people who are longtime expecting for their comeback.

Their new album Liberté is the band’s first album after 11 years.

The setlist are as follows:

“Black Water”

“Minute by Minute”

“Better Days”

“Don’t Ya Mess With Me”

“Long Train Runnin’”

You can watch the whole off-air performance of the Doobie Brothers right here.