Watch The 84 Year Old Street Pianist’s Musical Journey In A Foreign Land

Watch The 84 Year Old Street Pianist’s Musical Journey In A Foreign Land | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Natalie Trayling, a traveling musician from Melbourne - The Feed SBS Viceland / Facebook

“Nothing has changed. Just rearranged” – Natalie Trayling

What happens when you pursue a passion for the sake of its beauty? 84 year old Natalie Trayling shares her story of  how she got enthralled by music at a young age. Borne out of Yugoslav descent, Trayling never spoke a word of English until she went to school. She recalls her mother’s passion for music as well, on her way to becoming an opera singer with her “beautiful, high choral tune” of a voice, until she married Trayling’s father. In school, she remembers a concert where she got to encounter the piano firsthand. Amazed by the vibrance of its sound, she bugged her mother for piano lessons, which they couldn’t afford at the state of their living. But one day, she was called to attention by one of the music teachers, and offered her ten weeks of piano lessons but only for the cost of one lesson.

Ever since, Trayling’s mastery of the instrument and her love for music has propelled her to live on, despite the tragedies she encountered in life. Losing two children and her home, Natalie has always maintained a positive outlook in life. She has been stopping people in their tracks with her piano-playing, attracting crowds at the sight of a frail woman masterfully commanding the keys.

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The incredible story of Natalie Trayling

This 84 year old street pianist stops people in their tracks. But as Marc Fennell found – it's what came before that's the truly amazing story.

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