Watch Small Clips Inside The Real Life Of The Beatles In This Video Playlist

Watch Small Clips Inside The Real Life Of The Beatles In This Video Playlist | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr rose to global fame over the course of a decade as the Beatles. It’s been nearly 50 years since the band disbanded, but that hasn’t stopped fans from visiting the Cavern Club in Liverpool, where the Fab Four played their first gigs, and the Abbey Road Street crossing made famous by the cover of their namesake album. Something about these locations, even after all these years, still brings together the Fab Four’s devoted followers.

While their music certainly played a huge role in the band’s meteoric rise to fame, it was generally agreed that the foursome’s unique blend of eccentricity and charisma made them impossible to be imitated by any band there. The irony of being these hip, fun lads from Liverpool that everyone could relate to, like an everyday man, made them practically so untouchable in the annals of pop culture – it’s almost impossible for a single person not to know any of them,

But that’s what makes The Beatles so special: They remained true to themselves. Their annoyance to fame sometimes manifested in their works, and they never for once tried to fit in on the hype of being labeled as the biggest band of the world at that point (but it did help them in so many ways). Thus, it is very satisfying to view a playlist below consisting of vintage photographs and videos of the band simply being themselves. If you’re a fan of the Beatles or just about to be, we highly recommend you start watching these small clips of the young Beatles being simply fabulous.