Watch Rush’s Incredible 11 Minute Intro

Watch Rush’s Incredible 11 Minute Intro | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via Bill Bullerwell / Youtube

Perhaps the most crucial part of the concert is its introduction; if you can’t give it all, then chances are people would despise you and the rest of the performance. And if ever there was a band who were well-known for their steezy and power-breaking introductions, then there’s no need to doubt the greatness of the Canadian rock band Rush.

Rush was the holy trio of rock; Alex Lifeson, Geddy Lee, and Neil Peart were nothing short of extraordinary to their respective instruments. Their long catalog of songs was treated with the utmost respect that you don’t need to question your whys. And in terms of live performances, it’s best to drop your hesitation and be amazed at how wild they’d incite their audiences with their skills and remarkability as performers.

Inside the video presented below is mere proof that Rush wasn’t just your ordinary rock band. After all, they’ve survived for half a century, bringing people the spirit of rock and roll wherever they go. It is only in this introduction of Rush that you’d realize how magnificent they were as a collective unit in live shows. The power, the tenacity, and the courage to pull off an 11-minute intro with no boring parts could blow your mind.

With Lifeson on guitar, Lee on bass duties, and Peart behind the drum kit, they’re immensely powerful, something that you would never find in today’s music. Watch and be amazed by their performance below.