Watch Paul McCartney Show You How To Make A Maccarita

Watch Paul McCartney Show You How To Make A Maccarita | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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Did you ever imagine that the legendary Paul McCartney has a favorite cocktail recipe up his sleeve? Well, get ready to raise a glass to the “Maccarita” – a concoction crafted by the ex-Beatle himself, showcased in a delightful clip from his daughter Mary’s Discovery Plus show, “Mary McCartney Serves It Up.”

Paul takes you through the steps of making his signature drink in a video posted on Youtube

Joining him in the kitchen is his daughter Mary, who adds her own touch to the mix. And yes, as he expertly shakes up the ingredients in a cocktail shaker, Paul can’t resist serenading the process with a tune or two.

So, what goes into the Maccarita? According to the master mixologist himself, Paul McCartney’s version of the classic Margarita includes the juice of one orange or two Clementines, a blend of various orange liqueurs, lime juice, salt, and, of course, tequila.

Mary, sharing her appreciation for her dad’s mixology skills, says,

“This is hands down my favorite cocktail in the whole world, and even better when it’s lovingly made by my dad.” And with a cheerful “Cheers, everyone” from Paul, the Maccarita takes center stage.


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While McCartney suggests that the Maccarita is ideal for special celebrations

He also warns that its irresistible taste might make it a regular feature in your repertoire:

“Because it tastes so good, it’s very moreish!”

McCartney recently made history with his Glastonbury set, becoming the oldest headliner in the festival’s half-century history. Although the Maccarita isn’t directly linked to McCartney’s discography, it adds a flavorful note to the mix of cocktails inspired by The Beatles.

Whether you’re toasting to a special occasion or simply enjoying life’s moments, Paul McCartney’s Maccarita promises a taste of something truly delightful – a blend of music, family, and the joy of a well-crafted cocktail. So, with a little luck, let the Maccarita bring a touch of Beatle magic to your next celebration!

Watch the video below: