Watch Paul McCartney Inducts Foo Fighters To Rock Hall Of Fame

Watch Paul McCartney Inducts Foo Fighters To Rock Hall Of Fame | I Love Classic Rock Videos

PauL McCartney in interview with Al Roker - TODAY / Youtube

The long wait is finally over: Foo Fighters is inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame last October 30 with Sir Paul McCartney introducing the band.

Foo Fighters is created by Dave Grohl after the tragedy in the wake of Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain’s death. A one-man band at the beginning, it eventually grew bigger when drummer William Goldsmith, guitarist Pat Smear, and bassist Nate Mendel joined the band in 1995. However, Goldsmith left in 1997 and Taylor Hawkins joined eventually as his replacement. In 1999, Chris Shiflett joined, which established Foo Fighters’ lineup in the next decades to come.

The band’s success story also reflected Sir Macca’s struggles during the disbandment of his band The Beatles. Following the ups and downs in his life, the question that was presented to both Macca and Grohl was: “What do you do now?”

“In my case, I decided to make an album where I played all of the instruments myself,” McCartney said. “So, I did that. Dave’s group broke up – what’s he do? He makes an album where he plays all the instruments himself.” McCartney hilariously asked “Do you think this guy is stalking me?” when the same turn of events spiraled between the two.

Foo Fighters’ induction into RRHF marks Dave Grohl’s second induction; the first was as a member of Nirvana in 2014. He also inducted some of the legends in the event: Queen in 2001 and Rush in 2013.

Grohl is said to be inspired musically due to The Beatles’ influence on him when he was a child. “Everything I learned about music, I learned from this man,” Grohl revealed as he pointed his finger to McCartney.

The full event will be aired on November 20 on HBO. A radio simulcast will also take part on SiriusXM’s Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Radio.