Watch Pat Benatar’s First Appearance In Austin City Limits

Watch Pat Benatar’s First Appearance In Austin City Limits | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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After years of electrifying audiences worldwide, rock and roll power couple Pat Benatar and Neil Giraldo finally graced the hallowed stage of Austin City Limits in September, their musical partnership igniting a firestorm of classic hits that reverberated through the historic Moody Theater.

Fueled by Benatar’s powerhouse vocals and Giraldo’s fiery guitar mastery, the couple unleashed a ten-song set that sent the audience into a frenzy. From the opening chords of “Promises in the Dark” to the anthemic roar of “We Belong”, each song was a potent reminder of their undeniable influence on rock music.

The crowd erupted as timeless classics like “Love Is a Battlefield” and “Heartbreaker” filled the air, their voices echoing the raw emotion and fierce energy that define Benatar and Giraldo’s musical universe.

If you missed this historic performance, fear not! Benatar and Giraldo’s fiery Austin City Limits episode will air on PBS on January 27th, offering a chance to witness their rock and roll magic firsthand. And for those who can’t wait, dive into an exclusive clip of their electrifying rendition of “Love Is a Battlefield” below.

A rock and roll power couple like no other

“Forty-three years ago in a rehearsal studio in New York, could you ever have imagined this night tonight?” a radiant Pat Benatar asked her musical soulmate under the dazzling lights of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2022.

From the very beginning, their connection transcended mere collaboration. As Giraldo himself told Billboard, “From day one, Patricia and I really did this together. I was in the studio every single second. I know where every single note is buried.”

Sheryl Crow, tasked with the monumental honor of inducting the duo, captured the essence of those early hits perfectly. “She had a power to her voice that was like no other female. This young, tough chick was rock ‘n’ roll personified. Her voice and the sound that she and Neil created was totally individual and immediately identifiable.”

But it wasn’t just Pat’s voice. It was the way Neil sculpted it with his guitar, weaving intricate tapestries of sound that both mirrored and amplified her raw power. Their relationship wasn’t just about collaboration; it was a symbiosis, a fusion of two creative forces that resulted in something far greater than the sum of its parts.

Their record label tried putting a stop to their relationship

Since 1979, when Benatar’s debut album In the Heat of the Night, which had the significant hit “Heartbreaker,” was released, these rock musicians have been working together on music.

Despite their professional success, when Benatar and Giraldo fell in love and eventually tied the knot in 1982, their record company became concerned about losing control over Benatar. 

Attempts were made to halt the romance, as the record company believed that without Giraldo, Benatar would be more easily manageable. Benatar dismissively recounts the situation, laughing about Chrysalis Records’ misguided efforts to undermine their love.

Pat recalled, “They thought for some reason that if I wasn’t with him, I could be easily controlled, and that was a big f— mistake. So people started to call us ‘Romeo and Juliet’ because we had so many people trying to destroy our relationship.”