Watch Ozzy Osbourne’s Granddaughter React To Seeing Ozzy On TV

Watch Ozzy Osbourne’s Granddaughter React To Seeing Ozzy On TV | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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To rock fans worldwide, the Prince of Darkness Ozzy Osbourne is regarded as an iconic rock star. However, for Osbourne’s ten grandchildren, he is affectionately known as “papa”, as recently demonstrated by his son, Jack Osbourne.

Jack, a father of four, posted a video on Instagram featuring his youngest daughter, Maple, enjoying a special moment while watching her “papa” rock out on television. “Maple thinks she’s getting a private performance from Papa,” Jack shared on the platform.

In the video, Ozzy’s son can be seen sitting behind Maple on the sofa as they both watch an Ozzy Osbourne performance on TV. It’s evident that Maple is genuinely thrilled to see her rockstar of a grandpa, as she excitedly claps her hands on the coffee table, points at the screen, and joyfully repeats “Papa”. 

The tiny Ozzy fan even looks around the room to ensure that everyone sees and acknowledges her papa raising hell on live TV. Watch Maple warm the hearts of even the most unyielding heavy metalhead below:


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Maple is the biggest fan of her “Papa”

it’s evident that Ozzy Osbourne already has a devoted young fan in Maple. Some weeks ago, Jack shared an earlier video featuring Maple in her car seat enthusiastically jamming to Ozzy’s classic “Crazy Train”.

Remarkably, she nailed her papa’s distinctive opening lines perfectly: “All aboard, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Ay, ay, ay, ay, ay, ay, ay”. Along with Jack, Ozzy’s daugher Kelly Osbourne also brought her family for a Halloween celebration with their rock icon of a patriarch.

In July 2022, Jack welcomed Maple with his wife, Aree Gearhart, shortly before their September 2023 wedding. He is also a father to daughters Pearl, Andy, and Minnie from his previous marriage to Lisa Stelly.

Ozzy and his wife, Sharon Osbourne, are also proud grandparents to Kelly Osbourne’s one-year-old son, Sid, shared with Slipknot DJ Sid Wilson.


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A bright spot in Ozzy’s recent life

Several celebrities expressed their admiration for Maple in the comments section, with actor Adam Devine from Workaholics exclaiming, “Absolutely amazing! Hahaha”, and Jay Mewes, known for his role in Clerks, commenting, “Adorably cute!”

Even the pioneers of death metal, Possessed, couldn’t resist the overwhelming cuteness, adding, “Extremely charming!”

Maple’s adorable antics are some of the only bright spots in Ozzy’s life recently.

Despite facing numerous health challenges in the past five years, the former Black Sabbath frontman has recently revealed his intention to record “one more album” in 2024 and hopes to make a comeback on the music scene.