Watch Ozzy Osbourne Try Out Virtual Reality

Watch Ozzy Osbourne Try Out Virtual Reality | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via PlayStation / Youtube

In a new ad for the PlayStation VR2 virtual reality game Horizon: Call of the Mountain, Ozzy Osbourne and his wife Sharon make a stunning appearance.

The commercial is hilarious, and it plays out like an episode of The Osbournes (complete with bleeped-out cuss words). Ozzy and Sharon should be getting ready to board a flight to London, but Ozzy is instead engrossed in the VR game. “Hang on Sharon, I want to plug in my PlayStation VR2,” he said, as he was about to be engrossed in the game. “I’m very technical these days.”

As expected, seeing Ozzy play a virtual reality game is hilarious. His couch-bound reactions to the enormous mecha-creature clashes and fighting techniques in Horizon (“Just let me kill these fucking dino machines”) are convincing. After her husband yells at the game, Sharon chimes in with a response: “What’s wrong, Ozzy?” Responding with, “A stormbird tried to bite my head off,” he alludes to the infamous time he ate the head of a live bat at a Black Sabbath concert.

Even though Ozzy has supposedly retired from performing, he has been utilizing his free time to try his hand at commercial acting. After playing a cubicle worker dubbed “Oswald” in Workday’s rock star-filled Super Bowl ad, he returns to the spotlight in a new PlayStation commercial.

You can watch the hilarious advertisement below.