Watch Neil Peart’s 1997 Drum Solo That Echoed Through Time

Watch Neil Peart’s 1997 Drum Solo That Echoed Through Time | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via Snowdog / Youtube

It’s always great to find videos that prove just how iconic Neil Peart was as a drummer. Let’s take a quick blast from the past with Peart performing an epic drum solo back in 1997, inside Rush’s the Test for Echo tour.

Canadian fans got lucky to see the holy trinity of rock as the band performed at the Molson Amphitheatre for two nights. Apart from Peart, we have Alex Lifeson on guitar and Geddy Lee for vocals, bass, and synths; definitely a band worth seeing, if we must say.

The Test for Echo tour simply billed as “An Evening with Rush,” was said to be the band’s first tour without an opening or supporting act. The tour began in the Knickerbocker Arena in Albany, New York on October 19, 1996, and ended at the Corel Centre in Ottawa, Ontario on July 4, 1997. Only on this tour did Rush perform “2112” in its entirety. That meant that you’d get to experience Rush in full form.

Apart from “2112,” Rush also performed classic rock radio staples such as “Limelight,” “Red Barchetta,” “Tom Sawyer,” and “The Spirit of the Radio.” But of course, what’s a Rush concert without the professor’s superb display of his skill through drum solos?

You can watch Neil Peart’s drum solo below, along with Rush’s “Leave that Thing Alone” performance.

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