Watch Micky Dolenz Being Chaotic And Silly – Hilarious

Watch Micky Dolenz Being Chaotic And Silly – Hilarious | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via Annabelle Meloy / Youtube

When the world needed an American counterpart of the 4 British lads called The Beatles, The Monkees took the lead role. 50 years after their show first aired in 1966, they remain as iconic and as relevant in pop culture history as ever.

The awesome foursome consists of Michael Nesmith, Davy Jones, Peter Tork, and Mickey Dolenz – all four of them blew the world while trying to desperately hang on to fame that they so want to be in. With that same mindset as the Fab Four, The Monkees were also full of humor and chemistry, delivering punchlines and running gags that could win an award in just a snap.

While the group’s dynamics tend to work best when they’re together, nothing could still beat the one-man job of delivering sass and silly anecdotes. Among those that truly shone with this task was Micky Dolenz, and there’s proof of him being chaotic and funny for 18 minutes!

Whether it’s slapstick humor he’s delivering or one-liner jokes, Dolenz is the man to do so. Not only does he channel the energy in front of the cameras, but there are clips included of him being funny even after the TV show ended. If you ever want something to cheer you up, then you may want to take a look at the video below. Enjoy!