Watch King Crimson’s Robert Fripp & Wife Toyah Cover ‘Welcome To The Jungle’

Watch King Crimson’s Robert Fripp & Wife Toyah Cover ‘Welcome To The Jungle’ | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Robert Fripp and Toyah - Toyah / Youtube

Guns N’ Roses debuted in 1987 with the debut album, Appetite For Destruction, with one of the singles in the record being “Welcome To The Jungle”. The song was written by frontman Axl Rose and tackles the underbelly of the city of Los Angeles.

The band resided in a house on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles back in 1985, which they dubbed as the “Hell House”, and for good reason – it was often filled with drugs, alcohol, and groupies.

Guitarist Slash discusses how the song’s parts simultaneously came together, saying: “I was at my house and I had that riff happening and Axl came over and he got those lyrics together, and then the band sort of arranged it. We got an arrangement for the whole band, ’cause that’s how we work. Someone comes in with an idea and someone else has input and in that way everyone’s happy. That came together really quickly too, that was arranged in one day.”

On the other hand, Robert Fripp is known for his time as a musician in various aspects but is most acclaimed for his role in the establishment of the progressive rock band, King Crimson. He is also one of the band’s lead creatives which rely on his masterful crafting of irregular time signatures that he derives from folk and classical traditions.

These two rock influences come together in a rather unusual treat for the senses as Robert Fripp and his wife, Toyah, cover Guns N’ Roses’ “Welcome To The Jungle” in a home video performance.