Watch King Crimson Perform ‘Cat Food’ With Then Bassist Peter Giles

Watch King Crimson Perform ‘Cat Food’ With Then Bassist Peter Giles | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via Real Vintage / Youtube

In the late 60 to early 70s, King Crimson was faced with multiple personnel changes when most of its members (with the exception of Robert Fripp) left the group for several reasons. And so, the band had a lot of material, yet it didn’t have any members to play the songs with.

However, though, there’s rare footage of the then-band formed by Fripp to perform the songs for the promotion on their 2nd album, In the Wake of Poseidon. Greg Lake, although already recruited to join the prog-rock band Emerson, Lake & Palmer, agreed to provide the vocals for their single “Cat Food.” Peter Giles is also there, playing the bass lines, and providing the structure of the music.

The dynamic that the band provided even though some of them don’t belong on the band from then on is cathartic. Everything that they did was immensely splendid, from Lake’s singing, Giles on-point bass tones, Fripp’s guitar playing, and everyone who is present in that event. It’s unfortunate that we would never get to see them back together from that point onwards, but the beauty that this YouTube video provides could ease our longings away.

Take a peek at their performance below.