Watch Freddie Mercury’s Best Interview Moments

Watch Freddie Mercury’s Best Interview Moments | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via Freddie Mercury / Youtube

Aside from his well-gifted talents, Freddie Mercury will also be remembered for his witty remarks and comebacks from every interview he had ever done in his career.

A montage of video clips was created and posted on YouTube, with the singer making silly comments from a bunch of interviews presented. Inside this, one might observe how quickly Mercury could retaliate with not-so-profound answers to questions that are also deemed as foolish and unimportant. The questions presented are sometimes about his hobbies, or how well do the members of Queen interact with each other, his life, and the nitty-gritty of gossip. It’s a surprise that the rockstar isn’t affected by them, and would, in fact, try to lighten the mood with his funny retorts and lovable reactions.

You can watch the video here.