Watch Freddie Mercury Sculpted To Life From Clay!

Watch Freddie Mercury Sculpted To Life From Clay! | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via Juliana LePine Sculptures- ENGLISH/YouTube

Talk about life-like!

There are so many hyper lapse art creation videos going on around the internet, but then again they don’t normally feature sculpting a doll-size Freddie Mercury from the skeleton to the tongue up to his iconic mustache!

That’s exactly what Canada-based Brazilian sculptor Juliana Lepine does with her biscuit sculptures of movie stars, rock stars, and other celebrities. She begins with a small-scale human skull to measure the real scaled-down proportions of Freddie Mercury’s face and starts molding every detailed part of his body from clay. The intricacy of the process is already incredible in itself and the final output is just so creepily accurate.

Fun fact: Lepine actually designs these sculptures as cake toppers. She started making  life-like creations when she was a teenager and as more and more customers wanted to have their toppers more personalized, she gained more popularity with her tiny realistic sculptures.


Would you ever want a life-like rock star on top of your wedding cake? With this crazy awesome Freddie Mercury mini-sculpture as an example, why not!

Check out more of Juliana Lepine’s creations here: