Watch Current and Former Genesis Members Reunite

Watch Current and Former Genesis Members Reunite | I Love Classic Rock Videos


In 2014, one of the greatest homecomings in rock happened: the long-awaited reunion of the classic lineup of prog rock pioneers Genesis. The legendary British band has been captivating audiences with their distinctive sound and mesmerizing performances for decades, and they still achieved tremendous success despite changing vocalists. 

Their unique blend of progressive rock and later pop sensibilities made them a household name around the world. Frontmen Peter Gabriel and Phil Collins, both legendary singers in their own right, launched successful solo careers until the band’s success sort of fizzled out in the late 80s.

After more than three decades, the most successful Genesis lineup consisting of Gabriel, drummer Collins, keyboardist Tony Banks, bassist Mike Rutherford, and guitarist Steve Hackett got back together for a BBC documentary called Genesis: Together and Apart.

You can check one of the footage uploaded by writer and director John Edginton below, which is the extended version of Together and Apart called Sum of the Parts.

The reunion is long overdue

The documentary, which blended contemporary interviews with previously unseen archival footage and scarce live performance recordings, was broadcast on BBC Two in late 2014.

In 1975, Peter made the decision to leave the band to embark on a successful solo career, a move that was mirrored by other members of the group. Phil replaced him as the frontman, but the drummer/vocalist would soon launch his own star before ultimately leaving the band in 1996.

Regarding the prospect of a Genesis reunion, Peter Gabriel mentioned the previous year, “It’s never been ruled out. I’m trying to picture a time when it would top my priorities list though.”

The last time Collins, Rutherford, and Banks performed together was at a farewell concert in Rome in 2007, which drew a massive crowd of 500,000 fans.

Steve didn’t like the documentary’s “biased account”

While the reunion documentary TV movie became a hit and was loved by most fans, Steve Hacket was not impressed.

Hackett has voiced his disapproval of the BBC production, describing it as a “biased account” that overlooks his solo work. While the guitarist has given his endorsement to the documentary’s companion piece, a box set known as R-Kive, he is advising fans against watching Genesis: Together and Apart.

“[The documentary] does not effectively convey the theme of Together and Apart. While [R-Kive] equitably represents all of us, the documentary takes a different approach… During the interview, I extensively discussed my solo career in addition to my time with Genesis, but I had no say in the editing process,” Steve said on Facebook.

Since his initial departure from Genesis in 1977, Hackett has maintained a prolific solo career. Collaborating with a diverse array of artists, from Richie Havens to Steve Howe to the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, he has released more than 24 albums.

Genesis played its last concert in March 2022

Almost a decade after Genesis: Together and Apart, the band known as Genesis played its last concert on March 2022, the last performance of their The Last Domino? Tour at London’s O2 Arena. The trio of Collins, Rutherford, and Banks split up due to their vocalist’s growing health concerns.

“I don’t think there’s anything else left. The well is dry,” Banks commented in an interview with Vulture. “We can’t tour anymore because of Phil’s state, so that’s the end of that.”

Rutherford, on the other hand, also expressed his support of Collins’ retirement, saying that the legendary drummer is probably enjoying his time at home after decades of concerts and tours. 

The bassist went on, “As you know, Phil is a bit…He’s much more immobile than he used to be, which is a shame but at the tour, he was in good spirits… He’s fine now at home, enjoying life. He’s worked so hard over the years.”

Check out the other videos from the Sum of the Parts series below: