Watch Bon Scott’s Outrageous Interview In 1977

Watch Bon Scott’s Outrageous Interview In 1977 | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via Austech / Youtube

On January 6, 1977, during AC/DC’s A Giant Dose Of Rock ‘N’ Roll tour in Australia, Bon Scott, the band’s lead vocalist, sat down for an interview with a group of journalists. The video footage reveals Scott’s charismatic and carefree demeanor, with his sunglasses on and a pint in hand. As the interview progresses, Scott’s laddish charm shines through.

When a journalist offscreen mentions that the Hobart city fathers were attempting to restrict their concert, Scott dismissively laughs and adjusts his sunglasses using his middle finger, a gesture he repeats throughout the interview.

The topic shifts to the Sex Pistols, a new pop group in England. When asked if the Pistols were modeling themselves after AC/DC, Scott feigns ignorance, claiming he has never heard of them, despite the Pistols’ notorious reputation at the time. When pressed further, Scott playfully dodges the question, refusing to acknowledge any connection.

When the journalists suggest that AC/DC may favor punk rock, Scott dismisses the notion, stating, “I see us as music, I see punk rock as nothing.” He acknowledges that punk rock bands like the Sex Pistols are making a statement but doesn’t attach much meaning to it.

The interview continues with the reporters asking about AC/DC’s fans, UK audiences, and indecent language, resulting in a fast-paced and occasionally unintelligible conversation. Despite the brevity and confusion, the interview captures a candid and unfiltered moment with one of rock’s greatest frontmen, Scott.

Watch the video below to witness the absurdity and unguarded nature of the interview, showcasing the charm and wit of Bon Scott during this memorable period in AC/DC’s history.