Watch Bob Dylan & Joan Baez Sing Together Back In 1965

Watch Bob Dylan & Joan Baez Sing Together Back In 1965 | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via Swingin’ Pig / Youtube

Bob Dylan underwent significant growth in 1965. The musician had amassed enormous fame for his folk music and deeply ingrained Americana, but he was getting weary of the added notoriety. A pivotal point in Dylan’s career and the one at which the singer established himself as an icon was his wish to leave the genre. Nevertheless, the simplest of things sure make him the best, as visibly seen in the video presented below.

The Queen of Folk Joan Baez and Dylan were dating at the time, and since they were always together while on tour, she traveled with him to England for performances in Sheffield, Liverpool, Manchester, and, for the final stop, two nights in London. It was also a chance for Dylan and Baez to enjoy themselves as a couple, apart from grabbing the opportunity to increase fame in Europe.

Dylan and Baez celebrated their last night in the town by renting a room at the now-famous Savoy Hotel and hosting a small group of friends. Dylan brought his acoustic guitar and performed several iconic songs, including “Remember Me,” “Blues Stay Away From Me,” “Wild Mountain Thyme (Will Ye Go Lassie Go),” and many more, singing and strumming the arrangement.

Unfortunately, the couple’s romantic connection would quickly wane, but the respect they have as artists remained. Watch the rare footage of their jamming session below.