Watch Billy Gibbons and Sammy Hagar Play Blues Together

Watch Billy Gibbons and Sammy Hagar Play Blues Together | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via AXS TV / Youtube

AXS TV is showing a clip from Sammy Hagar’s TV Show Rock & Roll Roadtrip With Sammy Hagar, with Billy Gibbons as the guest.

Hagar asked a few personal questions to the bearded rocker, as he wanted to explore more about Gibbons’ backstage persona. “Pajamas,” Gibbons hilariously replied. “Pajamas can also be referred to as your ‘fine French leisure suit when you need that kind of cover.’”

While the red rocker became notorious inside a hard-rock band, Hagar’s interest and knowledge about the blues is pretty impressive. Asking Gibbons’ who he thought are the greatest blues guy of all time, the musician mentioned Jimmy Reed, the Blues Kings (Albert King, Freddie King, and B.B. King), Albert Collins, and Jimmy and Stevie Ray Vaughn. “I think we all owe a little bit of something to these guys that pave the way,” Gibbons expressed.

A little while then, the two proceeded to a spot where the guitars are located. Gibbons introduced a beautiful red guitar to Hagar and told him some of the origins behind its design. The duo then came to an impromptu jamming moment, singing “Waitin’ For A Bus” and “Jesus Just Left Chicago.” Both of the musicians’ voices blend extremely well with each other.

Watch the interview and mini-performance below.