Watch Badfinger Perform On The Kenny Rogers Show Back in 1972

Watch Badfinger Perform On The Kenny Rogers Show Back in 1972 | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via Ron MacInnis / Youtube

Welsh band Badfinger was known to be the direct descendants of the ever-famous group, The Beatles, as they were the first band to have been signed under the quartet’s Apple Label. The up-and-coming group became the pioneers of 70s pop, but, due to the unfortunate circumstances, they were caught inside the chaos of the label’s dissolution.

But one could never deny that Badfinger had the domineering talent worthy to be appreciated in the music industry. They spawned songs whose impact was long-lasting, and talent was never a question of their potential. One song to prove such an assumption is this Todd Rundgren-produced hit entitled “Baby Blue.”

“Baby Blue” was written by Pete Ham, and was said to be about a woman named Dixie Armstrong, with whom Ham had a relationship, albeit short-lived. The song’s plot tells us about their long-distance affiliation which ultimately gets the best of them. It was a hit in the US after its release. Moreover, it had its second coming when it was used on the hit TV series Breaking Bad, during the series finale.

Back in 1972, Badfinger was busy promoting their material especially in the US, where the single became a hit. A memorable performance can be found inside the Kenny Rogers show, where all the four members were at their peak, showing the potential that they have as a band.

You can watch the full performance here.