Watch An Incredible 1973 Performance From The Guess Who In ABC

Watch An Incredible 1973 Performance From The Guess Who In ABC | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via Mark F. Farrell / Youtube

Canadian pride The Guess Who became one of the leading groups that take advantage of pop and psychedelic rock in their songs. They found great success during the years of Burton Cummings’ leadership and released 11 studio albums during the course of those years.

Albeit the short-lived fame, the band is actually one of the best from the Canadian rock bands. They have charted 14 Top 40 singles in the US alone, and more than twice of it from their homeland, with 30 singles. This is also the first rock band of guitarist Randy Bachman before he left and started his own group, the Bachman-Turner Overdrive.

Aside from making songs inside the studio, The Guess Who takes pride in live performances seemingly uses that as leverage to gain more fans and introduce to everyone their newly-released songs. They managed to do this with the help of ABC’s In Concert.

Back on March 2, 1973, the American people witnessed the greatness that the band is doing during their promotional concert for their 10th LP, Artificial Paradise. The concert arena was filled with thousands of fans who came to support their favorite band live. The set includes their classics: “American Woman,” “Bye Bye Babe,” “No Time,” and “Those Show Biz Shoes.”

It’s a moment you shouldn’t forget if you were present here. Enjoy the performance below!