Watch Ace Frehley’s Guitar Moves In Previously Deleted Video

Watch Ace Frehley’s Guitar Moves In Previously Deleted Video | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via Garrett Clopton / Youtube

Watch the interview of Ace Frehley in the episode of Guitar Moves, as he shared some of his stories inside KISS and his amazing virtuoso on the guitar. The video is available to watch below.

The interview takes place at Electric Lady Studios in New York where KISS first dreamed of becoming big; recording their first demo tapes which will eventually result in good outcomes. Matt Sweeney, the host got to meet with his idol and even shared the moment to play songs with him; Frehley never hesitated to play those insane riffs that made KISS famous.

Growing up with siblings who were into folk songs, Frehley always knew that he was a “rocker from day one.” When a friend of his introduced to him the electric guitar and a 6-inch speaker amp which was plugged, Frehley fell hard for it. He started joining bands, and eventually dreamed bigger and joined KISS which made him popular among fans and music-goers alike.

Frehley then showcases his guitar moves, his so-called dinosaur bend which Gene Simmons named, and some impressive guitar solos. The video was previously deleted by YouTube, and fortunately for us, it’s back again, so you better take time for this.

Watch them all here.