Watch AC/DC’s Brian Johnson Talk To Robert Plant About Led Zeppelin

Watch AC/DC’s Brian Johnson Talk To Robert Plant About Led Zeppelin | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Robert Plant gets interviewed by Brian Johnson for A Life on The Road - AXS TV

The latest episode on the US broadcast of Brian Johnson’s show A Life On The Road has him interviewing the former frontman of Led Zeppelin, Robert Plant. AXS TV teased the episode by releasing a snippet of the interview, where Plant talks about Led Zeppelin’s early years.

Plant says the band rode along the wake of relevant rock acts of the time, saying, “I suppose Cream, The Grateful Dead, the white blues thing was kickin’ in. And you had that great west coast thing going on with Jefferson Airplane and stuff. You had a sub-culture develop, and we kind of attached ourselves to that. We didn’t have any social statements to make. We weren’t visionaries, in that sense. But we were, still by our age, at the time, still part of that huge movement of energy.”

He goes on, saying, “I think for all of us, it was just serendipity that you could actually have four people… I mean me and Bonzo had played a lot together. Jimmy and John had been in various bands but they were session guys, and they were pretty well heeled, you know, pretty hot on the scene.” Plant added, “But it didn’t matter to me and Bonzo, all we wanted to do was get a square meal.”

Johnson’s show aired way back 2017, but was only recently acquired by AXS, allowing US citizens to watch him go personal with the biggest music icons. “To sit and chat with my friends and heroes while filming A Life On The Road was ridiculous fun, and with no professional journalists around, you can feel the trust,” Johnson confides.