Watch A Remastered Footage Of The Beatles’ Live In 1965

Watch A Remastered Footage Of The Beatles’ Live In 1965 | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via Kane McCarthy / Youtube

On 1 May 1966, The Beatles played their last concert in Britain before their legendary rooftop performance at Apple in January 1969.

But on 11 April 1965, The Beatles were present for the 3rd consecutive time at the New Musical Express Annual Poll-Winners’ All-Star Concert, topping the bill yet again. In April, the Empire Pool stadium at Wembley was packed with 10,000 people to watch “the greatest pop show in the world.” The Rolling Stones, The Kinks, Dusty Springfield, Tom Jones, the Animals, and the Beatles all took the stage. On stage, they performed a total of 5 songs: “I Feel Fine,” “She’s A Woman,” “Baby’s In Black,” “Ticket To Ride,” and “Long Tall Sally.”

The British music weekly NME (New Musical Express) has been conducting an annual reader vote on the best of the year since 1953. At the height of the British Invasion, the victors were allowed to play for the public, which meant the likes of the Beatles, Stones, Animals, Kinks, etc. You’d think a performance with so many future rock legends would go on for days, but back then it was all about making a quick entrance, performing a few songs, then leaving. The duration of the full black and white concert was close to two hours.

You can watch The Beatles’ quick set for NME below.